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Veterinary Thermal Imaging

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We are the first, and only, UK company to work across all species; equine, companion, canine, livestock, marine and zoo animals, taking both static and dynamic thermographic images.
Training across all animal species allows you to develop your marketing plan to fit the animals and professionals within your territory, and your own personal interests.
There are no competitor barriers to entry into most target sectors across the country. VTI is effectively positioned as the premier partner for outsourced thermal imaging provision.
Despite a downturn in the economy, spending on pets in 2008 totalled £4.3 Billion, of this spending on veterinary and other services was £1.5 Billion. Pet insurance policies will cover thermal imaging provided by Veterinary Thermal Imaging where the veterinary surgeon refers the patient. For the growing number of uninsured patients who still require effective treatment, Veterinary Thermal Imaging provides a cost effective diagnostic tool for vets, and a method of reducing the battery of diagnostic tests (and associated charges) often required. Vets are obliged to provide the best treatment possible regardless of the owner's ability to pay.
Within the UK, 52% of veterinary practices are small animal, 45% are mixed, 3% are equine, 1% are farm animal. Provision of thermal imaging services to companion animals is a huge advantage to the professional veterinary thermographer.
Outsourcing thermal Imaging makes sound business sense for veterinary practices. Huge moves towards outsourcing and referrals have been made in the veterinary profession over the last few years. Veterinary Thermal Imaging fits the requirements of a busy, modern practice to provide this service without heavy investment into the equipment, training and report production necessary.

VTI is the only UK provider of Thermography training across all animal species. This training calls on the 30 years of research, learning and expertise of the four pioneering vets in the field of thermography, together with industry experts to advise you on the technical application of the most cutting edge equipment in the veterinary thermal imaging field. We only offer this comprehensive training to our Associates.
Ongoing comprehensive training and support will be given to Associates which combines self-study, on the-job and office based training. Following successful completion you will be awarded with a Certificate in Veterinary Thermography, upgraded to a Diploma in Veterinary Thermography with successful completion of Continuing Professional Development. You will also have completed the training necessary to be able to register with the Medical and Veterinary Division of UK Thermographic Association and the European Association of Thermology.
As well as comprehensive training in the clinical application of Thermography, animal handling, record keeping, reporting and the necessary legislation, you will also have ongoing, dedicated support and training in the sales and marketing skills and techniques you'll need to successfully build your business - directly from the people who have successfully built VTI.
It goes without saying that you'll have extensive experience of working with animals, which will probably be backed by a science-based degree or other professional qualification. You'll be confident and calm working around all types of animals. Above all, we are looking for hard working individuals with drive, the determination to succeed and who enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life. Attitude is the most important thing, most other things we can train and support you to achieve.

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